Damaged Braces Require Timely Attention and Repair

Eating sticky foods or chewing gum on a regular basis can bend the wires and loosen the brackets on your braces. A similar threat can be posed by eating hard foods or nibbling on foreign objects, like pens and pencils. If some part of your braces is bent, loosened or damaged, it will likely increase… Read more »

The Things to Do to Ensure You and Your Braces Have a Good Relationship

You and your braces will become good friends over the course of your treatment. However, that’ll only be the case if you take good care of your braces. So, our team would like to help you by recommending that you do the following things to prevent a rocky road ahead: –Floss: Flossing is the best… Read more »

Invisalign® FAQs

Everybody wants to have a great, beautiful smile. Many adults think they have lost their chance to have straight teeth because they did not have orthodontics as a child. Orthodontics are for any age. You may be one of those adults that are hesitant about using metal brackets and wires to straighten your smile. Don’t… Read more »

Caring for Your Oral Health While Aligning Your Smile

Welcome to Spilsbury Orthodontics online! At Spilsbury Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal braces for our patients in Henderson, Nevada looking for a straighter smile. Wearing traditional metal braces is one of the most effective ways to correct smile imperfections and align your bite. But did you know a straighter smile is also good for your gum health?… Read more »