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While the end result is great, the process of having your teeth straightened via traditional braces can be uncomfortable at times. Having the braces tightened, or stray wires rubbing your gums and the inside of your cheek, present a ton of opportunities to be less-than-pleased with your braces.

However, there are a few tips that our team here at Spilsbury Orthodontics in Henderson, Nevada, has that’ll help you love your braces.

Tell your orthodontist

If anything about your braces bothers you, you should call your orthodontist immediately. We know that braces can be tricky to fit on your teeth in the least disruptive way possible. But for problems such as stray wires or broken brackets, the first thing you should do is call Dr. Darrell Spilsbury. These are issues that need to be fixed immediately, for both your comfort and the health of your teeth.

Use the wax

Chances are you were likely given an orthodontic wax to apply to areas of your braces that rub against the inside of your cheek, for which there isn’t a way to “fix.” The wax sits over these sharper areas and reduces the wear and tear on your cheeks, helping them to callus and become used to the presence of braces in your mouth.

Loving your braces requires a bit of work on your part, but remember the end result in mind and you’ll easily be able to get through your orthodontic treatment.