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Thinking of braces brings up images of gawky, awkward teenagers embarrasses to show their teeth and smiles. Though that is the common view of many people, it is not the correct or ideal one. The best time to get braces is actually at earlier stages of life when a child is young so they can be the most useful. In fact, it’s best to take your child into (practice name) for an orthodontic exam by the time they reach the age of 7.

By the time kids reach this age, their primary teeth have all grown in, and some have even begun to fall out, signaling that their adult teeth are moving into position. Developmental problems, should they arise, will rear their ugly head around this time, so it’s the perfect time to watch for and correct them.

Aside from just crooked teeth, there are many other developmental issues that can manifest as early as 7, many having to do with the jaw. If you bring your child in for an orthodontic exam, you can make sure to catch these issues and treat them to ensure their teeth and jaws grow in functional and healthy ways. Waiting until the teenage years can be detrimental because the jaw bones have grown very strong and can be much harder (and costlier) to correct.

If you make the important decision to begin guiding the growth of the jaw and the permanent teeth at the correct age, you can avoid further difficulties down the line and make sure your child has a healthy and functional smile. It will also eliminate the possible future of your child living with embarrassing braces while going through their teenage years.

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