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Any new treatment takes a bit of getting used to. As a result, to help you care for your Invisalign® aligner properly, Dr. Darrell Spilsbury with Spilsbury Orthodontics in Henderson, Nevada, is happy to provide advice, so you can keep your aligner and smile in beautiful and healthy shape.

The most imperative thing to remember while you transitioning your smile with Invisalign is to brush and floss your teeth regularly. If plaque, bacteria, or other food particles are stuck on your teeth, your Invisalign aligner is placed over it, forcing the plaque, bacteria, and other food particles to stay there until you brush it away. This will increase cavities and the risk of gum disease. However, if you are continuously keeping your teeth clean and fresh as often as possible, then, in turn, this can increase your positive oral health by protecting your teeth and keeping them clean and healthy.

While brushing your teeth, remember the aligner needs to be cleaned too. It’s important to rinse it out and gently clean it carefully and thoroughly. If you are consuming any tea’s, coffee, or any other dark drinks, remember to take out your aligner, or use a straw, so your aligner will not darken or stain. Keeping your aligner in great shape can help keep your teeth clean through the process.

As you can see, your oral health hygiene is important during the process of Invisalign. If you have questions or would like to speak to a professional, please call us today at 702-434-0063. We are happy to schedule an appointment or address any of your questions when it comes to your oral health.