Traditional metal braces offer a lot of versatility, but they can be visually prominent, and many of our patients would prefer a more discreet option. Rather than being placed on the front of the teeth, lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth, next to the tongue on the bottom arch and the palate on the top.

For your lingual braces, Dr. Darrell Spilsbury will take an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental laboratory. There, they will craft brackets to custom fit your teeth. The process takes about 6 weeks, and then our orthodontist will attach the braces to your teeth.

Lingual braces straighten your smile similarly to traditional braces, applying gentle and continuous pressure to slowly shift your teeth into position. This also allows them to resolve problems that clear plastic aligners may be ill equipped to correct, such as a twisted tooth or changing a tooth’s elevation, while still retaining an excellent degree of discretion.

Due to the customized crafting process and the increased difficulty of adjusting these braces, lingual braces are often more expensive than traditional braces. They more than compensate for this with their visual appearance, and our patients love the results!

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