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If you’re considering aligning your teeth with orthodontic treatment in Henderson, Nevada, then our Spilsbury Orthodontics orthodontic team strongly encourages you to do so. Little did you know, orthodontics can help you, your smile, and your oral health in a myriad of ways. To help you know a little more, our team would be happy to explain the many benefits of orthodontic treatment.

First, the treatment successfully aligns your chompers and corrects your bite. This is extremely beneficial because having an aligned jaw and straight teeth can help you properly chew food as well as talk and eat.

Second, orthodontics can boost your oral health. If you have misaligned teeth, there are nooks and crannies in your smile that can trap plaque and bacteria. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to frequently clean these areas, which presents a problem because if they are not cleaned from your teeth, you can suffer from tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Third, having an aligned smile can finally boost your self-esteem. When you’ve achieved your perfect smile, you will no longer feel embarrassed with your appearance when taking a picture or talking to your friends and family members. Once your treatment is finished, you will have the sensational smile you have always dreamed of.

To learn more about why orthodontic treatment is the way to improve your smile and oral health, please don’t be afraid to call our office at 702-434-0063 at your earliest convenience. Our team will be more than happy to tell you all we know about braces, aligners, and other orthodontic appliances and treatment. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Darrell Spilsbury if you’re interested in aligning your smile. We look forward to hearing from you!